Our Approach to the Top 5 Industrial Laundry Issues

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Transparency in the Industrial Laundry Business


The textile laundering industry has been around for over a century. The core of the industry has always comprised of picking up soiled garments or items and returning freshly laundered ones; however, as the industry has evolved, so have customer expectations.


The top five laundry industry issues that customers cope with include:

  1. Shortages– turning in more items than they receive back
  2. Repairs– needing an item repaired, but the item is returned without being repaired
  3. Billing– having billing fluctuations, surprise fees, or incorrect invoices
  4. Replacement– having an item that is past its lifespan but the item is still left in service and not replaced OR receiving a replacement that wasn’t necessary
  5. Responsiveness– receiving poor customer service from a business that won’t return their call


At CITY,  we are increasingly finding prospects that express frustration in many of these five key areas. We know these are the areas that cause the most pain. Therefore, instead of avoiding these issues, we directly address them.


What Transparency Looks Like

CITYunderstands that customers are increasingly focusing on transparency. Because we believe in being honest about our facility’s operations, we have built custom programs to resolve those top five concerns for our clientele.


We offer our clients a 24-hour responsive service that is reinforced by our ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology, our CITY Quality Management (CQM) System, and our industry specific billing programs, such as CITY Asset Management (CAM)and our usage vs. inventory billing approach.


CITY Quality Management (CQM) System

Our CQMsystem is completely visible and our process is available on our website. Our clients know exactly what happens to their garments from the moment it leaves their facility and enters ours. CITY’s clientsknow what to expect, and this transparency ensures we always provide a high-quality service.


“TheCQM Systemis not just a process for our workflow, but it’s a system for how we’re going to run the operations of our business,”CITY PresidentColin Wetlaufersaid. “It’s easy to do the big things right, I think it’s hard to do the little things right, day-in and day-out every day, and that’s what this is all about.”


UHF Tracking

With our ultra-high frequency (UHF) tracking technology, we are able to track every single uniform throughout the entire laundering process ensuring what you turn in will be returned. Our system also tracks the following:


  • The location of the garment within the laundry facility
  • The client to which the uniform belongs
  • The individual wearer to which the uniform belongs
  • The garment’s delivery schedule
  • The garment’s life cycle history, including number of washings, mends, and repairs


Customized Billing (CAMand Usage Billing)

We have a clean and simple approach to pricing that is unique to the industry. We believe our clients should receive fair and accurate invoicing based on the industry they are in.


  • The CAM Program

The CAMprogram was developed because of our desire to provide a transparent service. Based on our client’s operational needs, the quantity of items they have in service, and their business operations, we calculate a customized billing solution that addresses inconsistent weekly invoicing, damage or abuse charges, loss charges, extended size charges, cancellation, and fees.


  • Usage vs. Inventory Billing

We do things differently than others, particularly for the food processing industry, which helps contribute to our simple and transparent service. We offer bulk inventory clients the opportunity to only pay for actual usage rather than a percentage of their inventory. CITYclients typically save approximately 30 percent when compared to inventory-based billing systems.


What Drives Transparent CITY?

We live true to our tagline, and it is CITY’s missionto keep it clean and simple. The best way we know how to do that is to be 100 percent transparent.


“At the end of the day, it is all about doing the right thing,” Director of Operations Ken Schnorsaid. “We don’t want clients to do business with us because of an agreement, we want clients to do business with us because they WANT to do business with us.”


It is CITY’sclean, simple, and transparent service that resolves the common industry frustrations leaving clients to focus more on their business.


Read more about why business transparency matters here https://www.citycleanandsimple.com/2018/12/17/transparent-city-why-business-transparency-matters/.




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