Lighting the Way

Posted on: January 2nd, 2020 by Lexie Exline | No Comments

Lighting is an essential part of the success of every single person at CITY.  Without proper lighting, it would be challenging to run CITY as smoothly as we do, let alone be as efficient as we can be.

“This fall, we had our industry group come and give us a plant audit and one of the across- the- board recommendations was to update our lighting,” said Colin Wetlaufer, President of CITY. “So I contacted an expert in the lighting industry [Strauss Architectural Systems] and they did an analysis and felt that we could get a significant increase in employee satisfaction, safety, and productivity if we upgraded our light system.”


In 2015, CITY’s lighting received an upgrade to LED lights and “we saw an improvement and we saw a big step forward,” Colin said.


Strauss proposed a lighting design plan for CITY which included adding over 160 new LED light fixtures.


“Not only are these new LED fixtures long-lasting but they are also more energy-efficient,” Colin said. “They are so energy-efficient in fact that the average light will be increased by over 100-foot candles, which is quite an upgrade to the lighting output within the entire facility.”


Overall, when completed, the CITY facility will have an average of 120 candles throughout the plant.


“People that aren’t in our facility every day have been blown away by the differences.

Some staff from Des Moines came in the other day and were all amazed what a difference it makes, and how bright it was,” said Colin.


The lighting transition was completed December 31st, 2019


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