Cal Burr | Consistency in Service

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After working in different service-related jobs for most of his life, Cal Burr wanted a change. Stepping into an office however, he quickly learned he was missing the tight-knit relationships and the ability to help customers daily.


“Every day is different, and you have the chance to meet different people every day,” Cal said.” I really missed it and I think once you’re in service, you’re always going to be in service. That’s what I realized very quickly.”


Cal Joined CITY in August of 2019 as the District Manager [DM] for Eastern Iowa. Having grown up in Manchester, Iowa he knows the area very well and prides himself on being able to provide the best service possible for his customers. As a DM, Cal makes sure that before he leaves the plant, everything is inspected, and all customer concerns are resolved.


“I have the chance to make it right before there is a problem and that’s important to me,” Cal said. “I think that’s what makes CITY great is how we serve our customers.  If we take care of our customers like we’re supposed to, they’re going to keep coming back for years to come.”


Cal enjoys problem-solving and being able to work with CITY’s Route Service Representatives [RSR], all to provide the best service he can day in and day out. He thinks communication is key and especially being close to the RSR’s that report to him gives him an advantage in identifying issues before they become a concern for customers.


“I think it’s really important to build relationships with your RSRs,” Cal said. “They can trust you and be honest with you when it comes to different accounts. When District Managers and RSRs work as a team, we can make sure we can get everything right for the customer and represent CITY.”


Because of his 24 years of experience in the foodservice industry, including monitoring food quality, service and training employees, Cal appreciates CITY’s effort to provide a customer-first mentality when it comes to servicing accounts. He believes in CITY’s unique Quality Management System or CQM, ensuring garments are always serviced at the highest quality and also feels CITY’s uniquely designed Asset Management Program or CAM billing system can help him give peace of mind to customers


CITY has guidelines and standards in place creating certain expectations for customers,” Cal said. “Because we have systems in place, we can provide continuity for our customers and it helps us as managers to make sure we stay on top of everything. At the end of the day, we just want to keep moving forward and make sure our services are of high quality and consistent.”


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