Believing in what you do

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At CITY, being part of the sales staff is being part of a team that represents a century-old family business, integrity and the importance of helping customers achieve their goals.


“You have the opportunity to walk into businesses and learn about what is actually happening in our country,” Chriss Carsello, CITY’s Sales Manager said. “The most exciting part of my job is going in, sitting down and talking to people about what it is that they do and learning about how I can help them.”


Chriss has been in several management and sales roles for the latter part of two decades. For the past eight years at CITY, Chriss has worked to create an environment fostering relationships with clients all across Iowa and Minnesota and embracing the opportunity to teach new employees the same.


“As a sales organization, every time we put a proposal together, every time we go out and we meet with a prospect, we are putting our very best program together for them,” Chriss said. “If I were the one needing our services, I would want someone to come in and convince me that their product and service are the best for my business.”


While being in sales can sometimes feel like being on an island according to Chriss, it’s the motivation to work independently and competitively that sets CITY’s sales team apart.


“What we do today doesn’t necessarily affect us tomorrow,” Chriss said. “It’s going to affect us 60, 90 days down the road. You could say a self-starter is key but I think really, more importantly, they’ve got to have the self-discipline to do what it takes each and every day.”


Hildy Webb has been with CITY for 5 years. As a Rental Sales Representative, her territory includes the Des Moines metro area where she is responsible for seeking new business opportunities by calling on accounts and selling customized programs to meet each of our clients’ needs.


“I have to know what kind of businesses make sense for us, what kind of businesses could use our services and then figure out exactly what kinds of services that business could use from us,” Hildy said.


To her, the job is fun and engaging because of the many interactions she has with businesses in the Des Moines area. Hildy thinks it’s different because businesses are not seeking out her expertise but instead, she presents CITY and makes sure customers understand why CITY is the right choice for them.


“When we can go in and solve some of the problems they have, it’s just a great feeling,” Hildy said. “We know the problems within the industry and have come up with solutions and programs that can fix those issues and help the client to have a better smoother-running program.”


Hildy loves meeting new people, she thrives making connections and trying to help businesses understand the service CITY provides. While being on her own has its challenges, she believes by being committed, self-motivated and disciplined anybody interested in sales can have success at CITY.


“We do get leads but you have to have an idea of what it is you need to accomplish for the week and have the ability to go out and do it,” Hildy said. “You don’t have to know everything, coming into it without ever having done it before, the biggest thing is confidence.”


Kevin Wormwood took over CITY’s first-aid division in the fall of 2019 after having spent his professional career in sales positions all over the Midwest. As the First Aid and Facility Services Sales Manager, he makes sure CITY’s customers have what they need to stay safe and compliant.


“I value relationships, first and foremost,” Kevin said. “You know we value people at CITY and not only the people who work at CITY but our extended family, the customers. Without your customers, you are not going anywhere.”


Kevin enjoys training new members of CITY’s sales team. He makes it a priority to make them feel welcome and explain to them why being at CITY is different from any other sales jobs. He believes in CITY’s products and services and the ability to help customers be at their best while not always looking for the best bottom line.


“You’re going out and looking for opportunities that you can exceed or meet their expectation,” Kevin said. “You solve problems that they may not even know that they have yet or fill a gap that maybe they’re not 100 percent sure really how to understand. You are truly improving the customer’s business.”


What makes the CITY sales team successful is they all have one thing in common. They believe in CITY’s ability to provide a service that makes a difference.


“I truly believe in what we do, what we offer and the services that we offer our clients,” Chriss said. “We are providing services to make their lives simpler and provide a safe environment for their employees to work in.”


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