From Day One

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Over 10 years ago, CITY decided to expand into the Des Moines Metro area. Shane McKinney took on the challenge to be Des Moines Regional Manager Mark Ballo’s first Route Service Representative [RSR] and he has never looked back.


“When we started, we didn’t know where this was all going to go,” Shane said. “Today, we have several routes and I am proud that we can help the company as a whole.”


When Shane originally started, he only worked a couple of days a week out of a rented space in Des Moines. During his first year on the job, he had to make a trip to Oelwein every day, to load up fresh garments to bring to Des Moines. Today, a full semi drives to CITY’s new Polk City’s depot every day bringing Clean and Simple services to multiple routes in central Iowa.


“Just watching these routes build-up and new guys coming in, it’s so good to see that,” Shane said. “I was the first guy here with Mark. It’s pretty cool to be able to say that and seeing CITY grow together with the team we have here.”


Shane has been behind the wheel for 10 years. He grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and always felt like the CITY job he’s been doing for over a decade is his calling. Shane believes in consistency in service and being able to provide the best care for the customers he can because to him, it’s personal.


“My customers aren’t just customers,” Shane said. “They are my friends. I don’t just drop something off, I check in with them. I see what they need and if I can improve on anything. I have known some of them for the 10 years I have been here, and I want to keep seeing them for the next 10 years.”


Working at CITY’s Polk City depot is not just work for Shane. He tries to improve every day and work with the team to make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the day and customers can rely on getting their garments fresh and clean every day.


“We build up a system,” Shane said. “We have all the guys working together and we go and attack it every morning. You get in that groove and it just goes like clockwork.”


Working like clockwork is important for Shane because it provides consistency based on reliable service and a feeling of trust he can extend to the customer. Any new RSR who starts in Des Moines rides with Shane at least once so they can feel the passion for the job radiating throughout the cab of one of CITY’s trucks.


“It’s been great for me. There’s no doubt about it,” Shane said. “From day one it’s been like you are part of a family. You see how our younger employees change from their first account to here to where they can build the same relationships I build, it’s really cool to see.”


What started as a small operation with Mark in charge, has become an important part of CITY’s everyday process. Shane shares a unique bond with Mark because of their responsibility in Des Moines and beyond.  Mark trained Shane on his route and rode in the same truck with him four days a week for three months. Both are now proud of the team they have and the ability to rely on each other in any situation.


“It’s pretty awesome to see how much Mark cares,” Shane said. “You know he cares about you. He is going to be behind you every step of the way and that’s what we are trying to show our customers as well.”


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