Everyone Has Your Back

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Hildy Webb has worked in sales for almost her whole adult life. She enjoys being able to interact with customers and ensuring them they have what they need to make their business successful.


“You have to be personally driven and motivated every day,” Hildy said. “We have to make sure that we stay on top of our tasks and do what we are supposed to do daily.”


Hildy Webb explains why her job is fun to her.

For Hildy, it’s about the people she interacts with every day, including her co-workers.


As a rental sales representative, Hildy is responsible for securing new business opportunities around the Des Moines and Omaha metro area. She recruits new companies and businesses to CITY by calling on accounts, setting up meetings and selling programs and products to meet each of her clients’ needs. Hildy says it’s a job that requires a lot of discipline to be successful while making sure customers get what they need.


“We always talk about building rapport with people. Being a people person, being somebody who can make others comfortable,” Hildy said. “It’s about getting people to talk to you, that’s a big part of the sales process to find out how you can help someone.”


Success is important for Hildy and, in turn, she has never been afraid of a challenge. Hildy graduated from the University of Iowa with an economics degree. She strives to be the best she can be every day and makes sure to complete tasks on time and in a particular manner. While being able to self-manage is important, Hildy believes the relationship-building aspect of sales is key to success.


“I like to talk to people. I like to find out things about them,” Hildy said. “That’s what brings success. It makes a big difference when you can get close to somebody personally and then talk about the business side of things. When you get people to trust you and like you, everything becomes smoother.”


Hildy started at CITY in 2015 and knew right away that it was a good fit for her. She enjoys having a personal connection with her manager, Des Moines Regional Manager Mark Ballo, but also being able to connect with CITY’s President Colin Wetlaufer. She feels like, apart from just doing business every day, CITY’s success in Des Moines comes from carrying a family-first atmosphere to their customers.


“The big thing at CITY is the people,” Hildy said. “It all trickles down to the customer. We’re taking care of people and making sure that what they’re getting daily is helping advance their business. It’s about the team and being connected.”


Hildy embraces CITY’s culture to the fullest and so does her family. Barney Webb, Hildy’s Brother is CITY’s Des Moines District Manager. Her dad spent all of his life in sales and talks to his daughter about her sales career almost daily. Just like Hildy’s love for CITY, her family embraces the opportunity to wear CITY t-shirts or hats to show support for the job their daughter has found success in.


“It’s just fun to have everybody be on board,” Hildy said. “Just like Mark and Colin, it’s so cool to know that everyone has your back. I can carry that support into my career and help CITY be successful in Des Moines.”


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