Store Bought Mats Vs. Rental Mats

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As the winter months draw near, we have experienced some level of what snow, salt, mud and other winter elements can do to your shoes and then the floor.


Unfortunately, winter weather isn’t just affecting tidiness around buildings, it can also lead to dangerous injuries. One way to mitigate that risk is a floor mat program.

Mats can make a real difference when it comes to floor care inside your building.

We show you why rental mats can make your business run more smoothly.


“I see this all the time,” Derek Miller, a CITY Route Service Representatives said. “That’s why I talk to our customers about mats if I see that they don’t have one. It can really make a difference and it’s an easy addition to the service you already get.”


One question we get asked all the time is why rent mats when you can purchase them yourselves. While both strategies can stop the debris at the door and prevent accidents from happening, it is the service that comes with the rental mat program that makes the difference.


Of course, any business owner or facility service provider has the option to buy their own mats and place them accordingly but there are many mats to choose from. Scraper mats, anti-fatigue mats, or anti-slip mats are all available in-store, but do you know what mat is best for your business?


As a facility service provider for over a century, we have provided businesses across the Midwest with floor care solutions and we understand what questions to ask, to help you get the right mats, in the right location.


Here are some things to consider:



  • Maintenance:

Do you know who is going to be responsible for cleaning your store-bought mats once they get dirty? How often are they getting cleaned? How are they getting cleaned?


When you rent floor mats from CITY, they are handled by certified professionals. We partner with laundry experts and chemists that have configured the right formula to make sure your mats are clean. We follow a detailed washing operating system and provide fresh clean mats as frequently as your business needs them.


  • Quality Products and Versatility:

Do you know which type of mat to purchase? Which are considered to be quality brands or which mats will prevent your slip, trip and falls and meet OSHA requirements?


We are in the floor care business and we don’t expect our customers to be. We know what safety regulations to be aware of and we can offer guidance with our mat programs. We are a one-stop-shop and can also assist with you with a variety of mats from some of the best mat producers in the country. From logo mats to productivity-enhancing anti-fatigue mats, to external scraper mats, to your conventional, traditional office mats and business mats. We want to share our expert knowledge with businesses, so they don’t have to focus on the floor mat business.



  • Customer Service:

Do you know when it’s time to retire the old mat and get a new one? Who do you send out to purchase the mats? Do you hope that the internet options work, so you don’t have to pay the return shipping?


With a rental program, there is not a one size fits all program. We customize and we can build a plan with different types of mats until it completely fulfills your needs. If you order one rental floor mat and realize you actually need another one for the back door, no problem. We have a large inventory on-hand and we can provide a consistent look throughout the plant as needed.

Where your mat is placed can make a huge difference in helping you keep dirt and grime out.

CITY can help you identify what mats you might need and where to place them.


For over 100 years, CITY prides itself on always putting our customers first. It is our goal to be the most responsive launderer in the region. We understand that mats play a crucial part in keeping you, your employees and customers safe especially during the winter months.


The Occupational Health and Safety administration estimates slips, trips and falls cause nearly 700 fatalities per year and many more injuries. Messy winter weather can easily contribute to a dangerous situation when missing friction on the floor leads to a painful slip. The National Floor Safety Institute [NFSI] devised standards for floor mat manufacturers to make mats more reliable and safer for customers across the country.


To prevent slip and falls effectively, the standard recommends that mats have a “high-traction backing”. This is currently the only nationally recognized standard by which to measure the slip-resistant qualities of floor mat backing. It was developed because mats that do not have a high-traction backing are more prone to movement, which in turn can increase the risk of movement, buckling and curling.


At CITY, we identify these potential risks and partner with the best mat manufacturers to provide you with a high-quality product that provides peace of mind to you and anyone who enters your facility.


“There are so many options depending on what you need,” District Manager Nathan Hanus, said. “We make sure to come in and take a look at your business to see where you should have mats based on our experience and if you need something heavy-duty or light. It’s about finding the perfect fit.”


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Overall, the biggest benefit of partnering with CITY is, you can rest assure that your floor mats are taken care of. We pick them up, have them professionally cleaned and inspect the quality before returning, so you have everything you need to look your best and be safe.


If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with your floor care needs, please contact us or read more about our floor care program options here.

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