ADAPTING TO DEMAND – A Total Solutions Provider

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For over 100 years, CITY has been in the business of providing businesses with what they need to be clean and safe. Over time, that supply and demand have changed.


Aside from just providing uniforms and other garments, CITY’s product line has grown with our customers so they have what they need to be successful.


From First-Aid to all of your facility services needs, we help you be more efficient.

“It’s not about you, it’s not about what you believe their need is, it’s about what the client’s need is,” Chriss Carsello, CITY’s Sales Manager


“We want to continue to find additional offerings so we can become a better value add to our clients,” Chriss Carsello, CITY’s Sales Manage said. “We are trying to better their business, and becoming a better partner by being a total service provider.”


A total service provider means doing our best to source the products that our customers are looking for. “When we partner with a customer, we are there to serve them for the long haul. We are always asking our customers, what is something else we can offer you to help you and adapt,” Emily Hauber CITY’s Director of Communications said. “Back in the day, CITY used to do family laundry and washed pillowcases and socks. We even offered a service of storing fur coats. We are always adapting to what our society needs and if we are not adapting, we become irelevant.”


By offering customers alternatives, they are able to save time with operating costs since they are able to work exclusively with CITY instead of different vendors for each service. One of the best examples of such a service is the addition of paper products like tissues and soap for bathrooms. Facility Services has become an important field, in part because of customers’ demands and interests.


“It’s not about you, it’s not about what you believe their need is, it’s about what the client’s need is,” Chriss said.


Chriss also points to a logistical problem when dealing with simple facility products like toilet paper or paper towels. He observed many businesses resorting to having to deal with the supply themselves. That often means they notice last minute that something is missing and employees who typically have nothing to do with facility services are forced to leave their main work focus and start the process of trying to order more additional product whether that be air fresheners, hand soap, floor mats, or any other cleaning product.


At CITY we believe that burden shouldn’t fall on you. We stress to our customers to let us handle those extra duties because it is our specialty. It’s our job to make sure you stay stocked and have the products you want.


On top of regular daily use, it has been a struggle for many businesses to sanitize and disinfect their workplace during the Coronavirus pandemic. It was a proving ground for CITY’s commitment to our customers by being able to provide them with what they need to continue their operation with proper hygienic products.


“Our customers need to know that their suppliers are working for them and helping to make sure that they don’t run out,” Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s President said. “If they need something for their employees to be safe, they need to know that they can get that.”


To be of service to our customers, CITY’s current product line includes the following:


  • A wide variety of uniforms (Long sleeve, short sleeve, frocks, lab coats, t-shirts, promotion apparel, embroidered polos)
  • Safety apparel (Flame Resistant, hi-visibility, enhanced visibility)
  • Floor Mats (Anti-fatigue mats, conventional mats, scraper mats, brush mats, and logo mats)
  • Towels (Tea towels, shop towels, microfiber towels, print towels)
  • Aprons (Kitchen aprons, welding aprons)’
  • Mops (Dry mop, wet mop)
  • Paper Products (Center-pull towel, multifold Towel, natural roll towel, white roll Toll, jumbo toilet tissue)
  • Soap Products (Pro soy Soap, foam soap)
  • Cleaning Products (Disinfectant cleaner, glass and hard surface cleaner, food service sanitizer, multi-purpose cleaner/ degreaser)
  • Hand Sanitizer (Disinfectant wipes, spray and gel sanitizer)
  • Restroom Products (Urinal screens, air refreshers, Omni guard urinal cleaner, toilet bowl air freshener clip)
  • Can Liners (Industrial black can liners, thin white can liners, low-density liner, high-density Liners)
  • First Aid Products (Wall cabinets, bandages, eye wash, wound care, gauze, defibrillators, elastic wraps, eyewash service, eye protection, ice packs, over the counter medication)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (High visibility clothing, flame resistant clothing, gloves, eye protection, ear protection)


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