CUSTOMER Q & A – Tradition and Innovation

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Learning about our customers and being transparent is one of the key value drivers at CITY. We are not just a vendor or a supplier but strive to build strong partnerships that last for decades.


Naturally, as we grow with our customers, we want to learn more about each other so we can continue to provide the best uniform service to each one of our customers.


M’S Machine & Manufacturing Company in Monona, IA has been a CITY customer since 2012. Since 1981, the company has provided businesses with cost-effective, high-quality CNC machining services. No matter if it’s metal or plastic, they provide agricultural, automotive, industrial, and medical manufacturers with the parts they need to succeed.


We want to answer the questions our customers have so we can serve them better.

Answering the questions you have helps us in becoming a better provider.


When we visited with M’s Machine Vice President Candace Drahn, she had some questions about CITY and wanted to know more about President Colin Wetlaufer and about his journey in the laundry industry and his tenure as CITY president.


Colin started full-time with CITY right after he completed college.  As an over century-old family-owned business, he shares a unique bond with CITY, that started much earlier. CITY has always been a part of his life back to when he would visit the plant to see his father and grandfather. He says his working journey at CITY began in the 1990s as an 8-year-old helping out during the summers in production, and as he got older, spending the summers assisting with the service department. After college, Colin has spent time in every department at CITY and became President in 2017.


Candace also asked about how technology changed around CITY and how Colin observed the business change from when he first worked at CITY to his tenure as president.


Ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology has really revolutionized the laundry industry and made things a lot faster,” Colin said. “As we’ve expanded and reinvested in technology, adding new product lines and seeing the development of our own marketing department are some of the biggest changes I have been a part of at CITY, but we’re hoping to keep a lot more changes coming, so stay tuned.”


To learn more about Colin and the history of CITY, visit our history webpage or if you want to learn more about CITY’s investment in UHF technology, visit our blog.


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