How Our Technology Provides Peace of Mind

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CITY has a longstanding tradition of service commitment. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our loyal clients have to say on our website’s testimonial page.


In the uniform industry, the most important part of service is adding value to the relationship, and in our industry, we bring value to our clients by simplifying their management of uniforms, mats, and any other facility services they need. This service enables our clients to stay productive, clean, and safe.


Increasing Productivity with Inventory Management

While the idea of managing your business’ uniforms and facility services internally seems simple enough, you will find that there are a number of things that could go wrong, including damage, loss, or theft of uniforms. There are also plenty of things that go wrong in managing mats or other facility products. In fact, it would require a full-time position just to make sure every mat is being cleaned and every product is being maintained properly to keep your facility compliant and operating at peak efficiency. In addition, there are numerous variables that are difficult to foresee and impossible to predict.


Variables, such as large orders that require extra staffing, new hires that need to get on the production line right away, or even harsh weather that requires additional uniform or mat services, are the variables that CITY is prepared for. With practices like our CITY Quality Management (CQM) system in place, products are constantly being accounted for and checked for quality throughout our laundering process, so you can count on us to meet your needs and keep your employees safe.


Our ability to get our clients quality uniforms on short notice so they can onboard new employees and fill vacancies immediately is key to the success of our clients in the industrial manufacturing industry. Our ability to get our clients quality uniforms on short notice when they onboard new employees and fill vacancies is key to the success of our clients in the industrial manufacturing industry. The ability to provide such a responsive service is a result of our people and the technology we have invested in.


UHF and Safety Compliance

Our ultra-high frequency (UHF) chips are what make our ability to track uniforms possible, but perhaps the most important feature of the UHF chips is their ability to record the number of uses, washes, and repairs done to a garment so we know when it needs to be replaced for safety compliance reasons.  OSHA has strict regulations on the number of times certain uniforms can be serviced, including washes, patches, and other repairs. These regulations ensure that a uniform does not lose the ability to keep the uniform wearer safe due to constant wear-and-tear. For instance, flame resistant uniforms or reflective uniforms can lose coating or reflective materials that give the uniform purpose in the first place.


The same concept applies with our mats, as they are also tracked using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to ensure proper care in our facility. With our tracking system, it ensures that every client gets fresh, laundered mats on each delivery. Properly laundered mats allow traction to avoid slips, trips, or falls within your facility.


New Solutions, Same Goal

Uniforms were first implemented into businesses to create a professional atmosphere, a sense of belonging, and to help keep employees safe. As time goes on, uniform and mat rental has become the best option for a business to operate at a higher level of productivity.


CITY’s chip technology makes mass inventory management possible for all of our clients. You can have confidence that what you turn in will be returned but most importantly, our ability to track each and every item helps us ensure every item your employee comes into contact with is compliant with your standards and OSHA’s safety standards.


A service with CITY provides peace of mind because we have the most innovative technology in the industry that you can count on.

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