Why Floor Mats Are Needed All Year Round

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When most people in the Midwest think of mats in the workplace, they think about trapping snow and sand tracked in during the winter, but it is essential to keep your business protected from dirt and debris all year round. In the spring and summer months, for example, correctly placed mats will prevent slip, trip, and fall accidents that can occur from rainy, muddy weather outdoors, which will also save you money on cleaning supplies. That is because it’s estimated that over 80% of the dirt inside a commercial building comes from outside and is brought in on the soles of your customers’ and employees’ feet. Whether it’s grass stains, mud and sand, dust, or other types of mess, warmer weather is a prime time for grime getting tracked inside, even if it isn’t always as visible as snow tracked in during the winter.


The truth is, there are many reasons for your business to have a mat program that go far beyond controlling ice and snow in the winter.


Keep Your Customers & Employees Breathing Healthy Air


Keeping your business looking clean is important, but the need for cleanliness goes beyond appearance; cleaning for health is also critical. The floor of a building is the largest horizontal surface and, therefore, a significant source of contaminants. Properly using high-quality mats can help trap any debris, mud, or other contaminants and help limit the exposure for anyone in your building, according to ISSA.


Another factor to consider all year round is the correlation between dirty floors and indoor air quality. Any dirt or debris in the air eventually settles onto surfaces, including the floor. A high-quality commercial mat like those CITY provides traps these substances keeping them from affecting the air quality. As people walk from outdoors to inside and then throughout your building, they can quickly spread dirt, debris, and microscopic particles that contribute to contamination as well. Walking through an area with germs on the soles of one’s shoes can also aerosolize bacteria or viruses as people move, which is another reason to place mats on all high-traffic areas to help mitigate this spread, according to an article by Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, a senior director with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council™ (GBAC).


Prevent Accidents


Using the appropriate non-skid commercial man on slippery surfaces reduces accidents all year, especially during the stormy summer weather we experience in the Midwest. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI): “Falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of visits (21.3%). Slips and falls account for over 1 million visits, or 12% of the total falls.”


The Standard Guide for Commercial Entrance Matting in Reducing Slips, Trips, and Falls was developed by NFSI, and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) called ANSI/NFSI B101.6-2012. This standard is used as a reference for preventing slips and falls using proper floor matting. “Our floor mats provide a slip-resistant walking surface and are the first defense in preventing slips and falls for people entering your building,” says Fleet and Safety Manager John Meeks.


Keeping Clean & Looking Good


It is estimated that a dollar spent keeping soil out of a building (through renting commercial mats from CITY, for example) will save $10 in removing the soil once it is inside, according to the Institute of Industrial Launderers. Ensuring your business is kept clean enhances your brand image, because 42% of people say they judge the cleanliness of a company based on the floor appearance.


“You need 15-18 feet of matting to stop 85% of dirt from entering your facility,” says Ken Schnor, CITY’s Manager of Customer Relations. “This is done through a combination of scraper mats and conventional mats placed correctly by a trained professional like CITY’s Route Service Representatives, who can also help you determine which mat selections are right for your business. Not only do mats help keep your business clean and looking good, but they also prevent wear and tear on your floors, whether your business has carpet or tile.” Ken is an expert on mat usage, having laid at least 10,000 mats in his 24 years at CITY. Without entrance matting, 1500 people can remove 42% of the finish from the floor, according to a study by the 3M Company.


  • Mats will help prevent wear and tear on your floor, whether carpet or tile.
  • Mats can improve the aesthetics of your business, particularly if you choose a décor flooring option with a custom logo or message.


Specialty mats provide durability to the workplace, help keep dirt out, and even help reduce fatigue for your employees with an Anti-Fatigue Comfort Flow™ Mat.


With clean, durable CITY conventional mats, you can provide your customers with a professional image and a safe walking surface. You can select from several colors and sizes to give your business the look it deserves. We can also customize a lay-flat mat with your logo or message, enhancing your entrance while reinforcing your brand to keep up with the pristine look you have already started.



Choosing a Commercial Quality Mat 


If you are wondering why you should not just use a typical store-bought mat, read our blog post on the critical differences between a mat you could purchase yourself at any store and the commercial-grade mats CITY provides, including how our process makes sure they’re properly cleaned. Floor mats must be cleaned regularly and adequately and upgraded as needed. Worn or damaged mats with curling edges can increase potential falls. Your CITY Route Service Representative will ensure your mats are correctly maintained and replaced before a problem occurs.


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