Remembering Rick Myott

Posted on: September 19th, 2022 by Valerie Wetlaufer | No Comments

The CITY team is taking the time to remember longtime CITY representative Rick Myott today. Rick, who spent over 20 years with CITY’s route service team, passed away unexpectedly this weekend.

Rick started at CITY as a route service apprentice before earning his own route in Cedar Rapids for the next two decades.

In Rick’s 20-year anniversary video, he said, “Over 20 years, people start off as customers and they turn into friends. Next thing you know, you see baby pictures, you’re seeing the kid graduate, you’re going to graduation parties and wedding parties, so you’re building lifetime friends along with customers.”

Over the years, Rick became someone his peers could lean on and his advice that he would share with new service representatives were “Be honest and fair to your customer, and they in turn will be fair and honest with you. In today’s competitive marketplace, you have to set yourself apart and keep your customers happy by providing them with the very best service.”

After 20 years of being a route service representative, Rick accepted a new role within a new CITY division as a first aid service representative.

“When establishing our first aid division, we needed people on the service side that understood CITY’s vision and someone that we could count on to go above and beyond for the customer,” CITY’s Director of Communications Emily Hauber said. “Rick came in and helped take our first aid division to the next level.”

Whether it was providing customer service to our uniform rental accounts or first aid customers, Rick knew what the true meaning of customer service meant.

He said during an employee biography interview, that the best part of the job was “getting to know the customers well enough that they invite you to a wedding or a graduation. And you invite them back.”

“There was not a day that went by that Rick did not make you laugh or smile,” said Ken Schnor, CITY Customer Care Manager who worked alongside Rick for many decades.

Rick loved spending time with his seven grandchildren, and enjoyed camping. He was active in the community, coaching youth basketball, and serving on the Oelwein Community School Board. To see the full obituary, visit:

Our deepest condolences go out to Rick’s family, especially his wife Julie, his three children Lindsey, Lauren, and Logan, and his seven grandchildren.



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