Where There Is Trust, There Are Sales

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It is often a Route Service Representative who first notices when a customer could benefit from additional products and services we offer. By adding on, for example, first aid supplies, or another floor mat for a busy entrance to their rental program, we are helping the customer eliminate the need to go through multiple vendors, and give them peace of mind by taking care of other needs throughout their business.

First Aid Sales Representative Braxton Reimer says it is key to “listen to the customers’ needs and their vision for safety and what they expect from a vendor. What are their goals in overcoming safety obstacles? Whether it is improving hand safety by providing cut-resistant gloves, noise (by providing earplugs), eye safety (by providing safety glasses), etc. When I tour a potential client’s location, I keep my head on a swivel, looking out for opportunities that are available. This includes items like paper and soap supplies as well. Everyone gets it from somewhere, so why not from us?”


There are times, customers might not always be aware of all that CITY offers. We empower our route service reps to always be looking for ways to upgrade our service. Our route reps have the best relationships with their customers, and they have a true behind-the-scenes take on how CITY could improve our current customer’s operations with the products and services we offer.


According to Regional Manager Mark Ballo, it all comes down to building a trusting relationship with clients. When we have taken the time to get to know our customers, customers are more likely to trust us when we suggest a new product to them. “Communicate the why to the customer. People buy from people they like and trust, and my customers trust me. If Mark says we need it, we must need it.”


A route representative must stay engaged and pay attention, regularly taking note of what additional ways we might be able to improve our customers’ lives. “Every business has doors, restrooms, and employees, and they are getting products from somewhere, so why not get them from me?” Mark says. “We have to be advising our customers about our products and services that may save them time or money. We also have to advise our customers that our products or services may fix or prevent a future problem they may not even be aware of.”


Braxton, who started with CITY as a route service representative, recommends that a route representative’s approach to selling to existing customers should depend on the client. “New clients typically will provide a tour of their existing safety and environment. Take the opportunity to ask them a few questions along the way.

  • Ask, where do you get your paper supplies?
  • Where do you get your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?
  • Who is proving the nitrile gloves that your mechanics/food handlers use?


For existing customers, it’s a lot like a new customer. We are presenting a new opportunity to take care of a service that may be a challenge for them to handle internally. This could be managing inventory of items like paper towels, soap, toilet paper, PPE, etc.

  • Again, ask the decision maker or purchaser who you can speak to about where they are acquiring these products now and what they are paying.
  • From there, provide proposed pricing and tell them they have the option for us to manage their inventory as part of the service. We are adding value to an existing service, and that value adds further adds loyalty from the customer long term.


In either case, if the customer is unwilling to provide their current pricing, do your research on what brand are they using. Quantity used? Style? Compare what we have to offer and the products they are using online. After all is said and done, provide a competitive price. If the customer still is reluctant to change, ask what the difference is, and how can we gain their business.


“In the case of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators), I use the power of emotions. If there was an emergency situation where someone could have been saved by a $1,700 device, was it worth it? Of Course! AEDs have a long lifespan, so why not have one or more,” Braxton shared. “Emergency services still take time to arrive on site, and seconds can mean life or death.”


Lastly, it is also important to remember the time of year, and perhaps pitching a product at the right time is all it takes.


Two specific products that are newer to CITY’s services are decor flooring and ice melt. Decor flooring is mats that are aimed at the brand image, compared to CITY’s standard mats, which are mostly used for utility purposes and safety. Decor flooring is used to achieve everything regular mats provide, but they also offer patterns and color options that allow customers to enhance their business’s appearance.


“We are the only providers of this item in our geography. So, it gives us a competitive advantage in many instances and allows us to take and strengthen what are already very good customer relationships and crank them up another level. Because we’re providing them with something that they can’t get anywhere else,” Stan Schlotthauer, CITY’s Director of Customer Relations said.


Ice Melt is a product we added in 2021 to meet proactive customer demand. Our customers have made numerous comments about the convenience of getting ice melt delivered, so it is one less thing they need to worry about, saving them time and money. Others sell the same product CITY offers for 50 percent higher in price.


“Ice Melt is yet another item we can provide customers. All of them need it, and it saves them time, money, and effort if we can be their total solutions provider,” says Stan added. What we have to offer, “is a really good product. It’s effective, eco-friendly, won’t destroy the concrete, and it’s safe for pets.”


There are current promotions available on both decor flooring, and ice melt, so reach out to CITY today, or ask your route rep to help you decide the amount and quantity of decor mats and/or ice melt to most benefit your business.


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