How to Effectively Budget a Uniform Program

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How to Effectively Budget a Uniform Program | CITY Asset Management Program

A business relationship with a new service provider usually starts off pretty promising. Their service appears to be good and communication is spot on. Everything seems to be going smoothly. That is, until you receive your first invoice.

The invoice is complicated and filled with charges you don’t understand. You also see hidden fees that you never agreed to. You may decide to let it go because your service provider is doing a good job.

But then you notice your next few invoices are drastically different from one another with fluctuating balances. And to make matters worse, you really don’t want to create conflict in order to resolve your confusion and frustration.

But all of this makes it nearly impossible for you to predict each bill in order to budget effectively.

Luckily, this invoicing complexity that cascades the industrial laundry industry isn’t the only choice out there.

We understand that businesses benefit from a carefully constructed budget. And the ability to predict each bill is incredibly valuable for budgeting effectively to meet business objectives.

With our CITY Asset Management (CAM) Program, we offer our clients the unique ability to effectively budget their CITY service. We believe in being 100 percent transparent with our clients to eliminate a number of common frustrations, such as…


Inconsistent Weekly Invoicing

When you partner with CITY, you won’t be surprised with charges that are out of your control. Our CAM program is calculated based on your operational needs, the quantity of items in service, and your current business behavior. Your invoices won’t drastically fluctuate, as your CAM program will cover any uncontrollable charges.


“Our clients don’t experience highs or lows,” Ken Schnor, CITY’s director of operations, said. “Most places budget for the month or year, and now they know exactly where they fall.”


Damage Charges

We believe in always providing our clients with quality products and services. Once a uniform, mat, or towel is ready for retirement, we simply remove that piece from your inventory and replace it. Your CAM program covers these instances, so you can always anticipate the cost of each bill.


Loss or Unreturned Charges

We understand that sometimes items go missing and aren’t returned, but that’s not a problem. CITY’s superior inventory tracking abilitiescoupled with the value-added CAMprogram means you never have to worry about an unpredictable weekly invoice due to missing items.


Cancellation Fees

When an employee quits or is terminated, traditionally, a uniform service charges a restocking fee to put that employee’s uniform back in inventory. Such fees can add up quickly and can alter the predictability of an invoice. But with CAM, these cases are taken care of, and you’ll never have to worry about them affecting your bill.

“Prior to CAM, if a uniform wearer quit the program within six months of installation, there would be a cancellation fee,” CITY Sales Manager Chriss Carsello said. “But CAM now covers those particular fees.”


Needless Time Spent

Handling inconsistent weekly invoicing, ancillary charges, and cancellations takes a lot of time away from dealing with more important matters – your own business. A 2013 studyfound that roughly 1 in 3 invoices require extra rework before receiving approval to pay. And an average of 81 percent of all invoices are impacted by price discrepancies. The CAM program solves these issues by offering clients invoice consistency, predictability, and peace-of-mind.


A Solution at Last

At CITY, we understand that a well-managed budget is vital to a business’s success. Our exclusive CAM program provides clients a worry-free vendor relationship with a truly excellent customer service experience.


“One goal of transparency is to eliminate conflict and anticipate where conflict may occur,” Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s president said. “At CITY, we simply believe in thinking about how another person might feel about something. This means we strive to provide a tailored solution to meet the needs of our clients.”


To learn more about the program and what CITY can offer, contact us here.



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