The Importance of a Uniform program

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Since 1906, CITY has provided businesses with uniforms and facility services they can proudly use to make their business more professional. We want to make sure your employees can count on a high-quality service so they know exactly what they are getting with each and every delivery.


We believe wearing a clean, fresh uniform at the beginning of every shift raises morale, increases team spirit, and showcases your brand proudly to your customers.


We believe wearing a clean, fresh uniform at the beginning of every shift raises morale, increases team spirit, and showcases your brand proudly to your customers.

“Uniforms put everyone on the same page. It promotes a positive employee culture and a sense of accountability.” – Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s President


No matter the business, we want to find the right fit for you.


“Uniforms put everyone on the same page,” Colin Wetlaufer, CITY’s President said. “It promotes a positive employee culture and a sense of accountability.”


How the Uniform Process Works


It all starts with identifying what you need, and we will customize a program to best serve your needs. Once you have decided to partner with CITY with your uniform needs, we help you identify and find the right shirts, pants and anything else you might need for your employees to successfully do their job. We have a step-by-step seamless conversion process so your employees and your image is never compromised. CITY takes care of everything behind the scenes, from scheduling times to get every employee sized for uniforms to figuring out how and when to service your account that makes sense for your business.


Depending on your needs, our CITY Uniform Service Representatives service your location weekly or bi-weekly to pick-up soiled workwear and get your employees the clean uniforms for the following work week. At the same time, our representatives are your direct line to CITY. They identify any potential issues, make sure you are satisfied and are empowered to fix any concerns directly with you on the spot.


We like to call this the CITY advantage. A rental uniform program creates a worry-free environment for you and your employees. We take care of washing their clothes so your employees can focus on what is more important. We handle the uniforms and the facility service needs so you can focus on your business.


Our 100+-year-old proven process includes:


New Account Startup

  • Customization
  • Sizing and Fitting
  • Seamless conversion from the last provider to CITY


Ongoing Rental Service Responsibilities

  • Complementary Lockers for Garments
  • Soil Pick-up
  • Quality Cleaning
  • Garment Inspection
  • Mending / Replacement
  • Add new employees, remove old employees from the program
  • Delivery of Goods
  • Serviced to Your Expectations


“We manage it for them so that is one less thing on the customer’s mind,” Colin said. “Do the right thing. We own the entire process.”



Why it works


Having a uniform rental program has several advantages for the employer, but also the employee. With our 100+-year-old history, CITY has refined our processes to make sure you have a distinct advantage with our uniform program.


In many work environments, hazardous or toxic materials make their way on to the wearer’s uniform. When they take their pants and shirts or any other workwear home, those toxins have the potential to make their way into an environment where they could endanger a spouse or children. When you trust CITY with your uniform needs, you can be sure that all of your uniforms are cleaned to the highest standard, so those toxins don’t make it into your home, clean and simple.


Hygienically Clean Certified


Your uniforms are sorted according to soil classification and weight. The correct chemical foundation, wash time and water temperature are assigned individually to certain garments and items ensuring a proper comprehensive cleanse.  Our facility not only follows proper washing procedures (detergent formulas, temperature, disinfectant, pH extraction), but we are also the only laundry in the region to have a third party Hygienically Clean Certification from TRSA [Textile Rental Services Association].


The Hygienically Clean certification recognizes linen, uniform and facility services companies’ commitment to hygienic cleanliness through laundry plant inspections and third-party, quantified biological testing. To attain the Hygienically Clean certification, the laundry must submit to a facility inspection and laundered products must pass three rounds of outcome-based microbial testing, indicating that their processes are producing Hygienically Clean textiles and diminished presence of yeast, mold and harmful bacteria.


We want to make sure the service we provide are safe and reliable. By following our strict set of standards and a quality management system, you can count on the best service possible.



Transparency and Tracking

An important part of our businesses is being transparent and accountable for our services. That’s why we also consistently invest in the future and new technologies to be able to serve our customers even better. Part of that commitment is our ultra-high frequency technology used for tracking your uniforms through the whole process. With our UHF tracking system, we can track all garments that are processed within our facility. This allows us to ensure everything that is turned in, will be returned, We can also track each garment’s life by tracking the number of washings, repairs, and replacements.


It allows us the ability to put a spotlight on quality control and provide you with a consistent service.


Your bottom line


Our goal is to save you time and money. That’s why we have created a unique billing system to make sure you can rely on accurate charges and won’t get overcharged. Based on our client’s operational needs, the number of items they have in service and their business operations, CITY’s staff will calculate and fully customize a billing solution that keeps the weekly invoicing consistent from week to week. There will be no more surprise charges added to your bill.


Here to Help


Building a uniform program doesn’t have to be troublesome. With CITY by your side, you can feel confident knowing your uniform and facility service program is being handled professionally and your uniforms are clean, compliant, safe and ready.


We believe a uniform program can bring you peace of mind so you can focus on the things that truly matter: the success of our business.


Click here to contact us and learn more about how can be part of the CITY advantage.


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